About Us

Hello,we are Funlab.we are dedicated in designing all kinds of video game accessories.

Our founders themselves are Nintendo-game lovers.Their passion for game video comes from the depth of heart. 

Before start-up of the Funlab, there are some confusing questions in our mind that Why the carrying cases can’t be more fun? Why they can not represent a character to protect our device? 

So change a lot, we boldly tried the shock color match with red and blue which looks like the bib-pant of the Mario when we designed the first product (carrying case) in our store.

In the subsequent process of product design,our intent is that under the innovation of the color use, each product can represent one character in the game.

Our product is not merely an accessory, is a perfect gift for you to give those game fans!Not only fun,we also pay much attention on making the product more practical for our game lovers.

In order to offer the most practical and cost-effective product to our customers, we do market research beforehand on each of our new product and our professional QC team will be strict with the product quality to make sure our product is in well condition.


We are Funlab,but not only fun. What we produce is a gift for Nintendo-game players.